Welcome to RadarOmega, the next-generation weather app that takes high-resolution weather data to a whole new level. More than just radar, RadarOmega provides unique data solutions for all types of weather data that are customizable depending on your needs, whether that's before, during, or after the storm.

Dedicated to providing solutions to our industry, RadarOmega created an exclusive network of weather stations featuring live video and sensor data called cyclonePORT. RadarOmega and cyclonePORT work closely with universities, emergency managers, broadcast meteorologists, and more to provide solutions for relaying critical weather information when life-threatening weather situations are imminent.

RadarOmega provides high-resolution radar data for the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, and South Korea.

Base Application Features:
-High-Resolution Single Site Radar Data
-30 Frame Animations for Radar
-7 Day Radar History with 30 frames
-Lightning Detection/Animation
-24 Hour Storm Reports
-SPC Convective Outlooks, Watches, & Mesoscale Discussions
-NHC Tropical Weather Outlooks, Discussions, & Active Tropical Cyclone Tracking
-WPC Excessive Rainfall Outlooks
-Fire Weather Outlooks & Weekly Drought Monitor
-WPC Winter Weather Forecasts & Winter Storm Severity Index
-METARS Data Layer
-Real-Time NWS Storm-Based Warnings
-Flash animation and in-app sound alerts for Severe, Tropical, and Winter Alerts
-WPC Surface Analysis
-Buoy Data & Tidal Forecast Charts
-NEXRAD Hail History
-Spotter Network Locations
-Map Type Customization
-Detailed City & Road Network
-15 Custom Locations with a RadarOmega Account
-Drawing, Data Viewer, and Distance Tools
-Share GIF and Videos of Radar Animations
-Day/Night Layer
-Access to cyclonePORT network

If you want additional data, we do offer subscription packages. Information on our subscriptions can also be found on our website (radaromega.com) and inside the RadarOmega app.

Desktop Access is only available to all RadarOmega Subscribers through radaromega.com.

-Hi-Resolution Satellite Data
-Lightning Detection/Animation, METARS, & GLM for Mesoscale & Storm-Based Satellite Sectors

-National Digital Forecast Database
-Storm Track Drawing Tool
-Access to Project MesoVort
-75 Frame Animations for Radar/Satellite
-Dual View for Radar with 30 Frames
-Smoothing for Radar/Satellite
-30 Day Radar History with 75 Frames
-6 Month Storm Report Archive
-3D Radar/Satellite
-Upload 3 Custom Color Tables
-30 Custom Locations with Icon Upload
-2 Custom Location Lists

*Everything in Gamma PLUS*
-MRMS Data
-150 Frame Animations for Radar/Satellite/MRMS
-Dual View for Radar/Satellite with 50 Frames
-Smoothing for MRMS
-90 Day Radar History with 150 Frames
-5 Year Storm Report Archive
-Upload 8 Custom Color Tables
-75 Custom Locations with Icon Upload
-5 Custom Location Lists

*Everything in Beta PLUS*
-Model Data with Contours for HRRR, NAM3KM, NAM12KM, RAP, GFS, ECMWF, HWRF, & HMON
-250 Frame Animations for Radar/Satellite/MRMS
-Dual View for Radar/Satellite with 100 Frames
-Quad View for Radar/Satellite on iPad and Desktop with 50 Frames
-Smoothing for Models
-90 Day Radar History with 250 Frames
-10 Year Storm Report Archive
-3D Models
-Upload 30 Custom Color Tables
-150 Custom Locations with Icon Upload
-10 Custom Location Lists
-1 site location monitoring (live monitor only, no SMS)

Subscriptions are maintained through the iOS App Store. We will work with our customers however, refunds must be done through the iOS App Store. Please be sure to reach out to our support team if you have any problems, questions, or concerns.










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