Here’s how to Show that you are fun on the date

We admit, every first date is like a walk by the nails – we’re just wondering what to do, how to behave, and still have to be relaxed. Some people are so nervous that they don’t know any longer what they are saying. They can t even be shown in the right way, but that doesn’t have to happen to you.

The sense of humor is what girls and boys both love and so it’s not bad to show that we are funny at the date. Then the man wants another meeting, and besides, everything will go much more relaxed and nicer. Little jitters will always be present, but it is always easy to break it with laugh.

Shine in full light and show your funny side with the help of these tips:


Don’t force sense of humor because it doesn’t work

No matter whether or not you get ridiculous jokes right away or you need time, you need to know that you don’t need to force humor. Then the worst ideas come to mind and then an unpleasant silence can arise, which is the worst thing that can happen on the date. Instead of forced humor, he rather seeks comedy in situations. For example, if you see a big dog on a cue that pulls a woman down the street you can say something like this… ‘It seems the dog took her to the walk.’


Look at his facebook page and see what he consider as ridiculous

Not everyone has the same sense of humor, and if he doesn’t like the black sense of humor. You will certainly not tell him something of that kind or some morbid jokes. It could frighten him, so it would be a good idea to look at his facebook profile in search of what he considers funny. Additionally, you can always show him some funny meme from the web or describe it to him.


Watch the stand-up comics on YouTube

Sometimes the solution could be found in a stand-up comedy, and you can get the ideas or jokes from the hands of experienced comedians. If you’ve decided to visit his profile, looking for his interests, you can see which joke could be appropriate, and with which you can fail.


Show your humor with body language

You shouldn’t ignore the body language, nor forget to include a voice in it. The voice can also be ridiculous and we can tell something differently and even laugh him that way. Likewise, there are gestures and mimics that can help in expressing humor. Guys love relaxed girls who are not shy to make a face or change a voice in the voice of Donald Duck. Say something seriously that way.


Listen to what he’s talking about

You can show the sense of humor by knowing how to accept the sense of humor, and if he sees that you got what he’s saying, he will like you even more. That’s why you have to listen to what he is talking about, and if you get the impression that you have a similar sense of humor – even better. Because you will be able to relax and you will know exactly how to “hit the target”. You can always connect your jokes with something funny that he’s talking about, so you’ll both laugh, and he’ll know he’s dating with funny girl.


Tell jokes about yourself

People with a sense of humor are always joking about their selves and it’s easier for them to accept when other people tell jokes about them. For example, if it was raining during the date, and you didn’t bring your umbrella and you became a little wet. You can always say something like this: “I’m terrible wet. But ok, at least I will not have to wash my hair. ‘













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