We had a wonderful 14-day trip to Japan, which was our first time visiting this amazing country. We think that two weeks is the perfect duration for a holiday in Japan, as it allows us to explore many different places and experiences. In fact, we managed to visit 17 cities in Japan, including the four largest ones: Tokyo, Osaka, Kanazawa and Hiroshima. We also saw some of the most famous attractions, such as Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko, and visited numerous palaces, temples and gardens. One of the most memorable and unique things we did was attending various festivals, both big and small, that were held during our stay in Japan.

Since we were new to Japan, we had to adapt quickly to the culture and the environment. We only had about two weeks of effective time in Japan, so we didn't want to waste any second of it. We learned that every second counts in Japan, as it can make a difference in our travel schedule. On the other hand, being one second faster can give us a lot of advantages in terms of time. The key to our successful trip was a good itinerary and thorough preparation. We did a lot of research before going to Japan, reading books and watching travel blogs on YouTube. However, we personally preferred books, as they gave us concise but clear information. This way, we saved a lot of time. Moreover, we also saved a lot of money in Japan, which is known as an expensive destination. We were surprised that we still had a lot of YEN left over, which we could use for our next trip to Japan.

Our holiday in Japan was smooth and enjoyable, but it was not without challenges. As the saying goes: No rose without thorn. We had one incident that almost ruined our trip. We forgot our bag with money and passports at the train station, and we realized it when we were already on the train to the next station, which was quite far away. We also had to wait a long time for the train to come back to the previous station. It was a nerve-wracking experience, but did we manage to get our bag back? If you want to know more about our adventure in Japan, please read our full story. :)










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